Mosaic Project – Gods and Symbols

Assigned Mon, January 6, 2014

Project Due at start of class Wed, January 22,2014


OBJECTIVE: To become familiar with the art of mosaics. To design and create a mosaic 11”x14” that visually depicts a Roman god’s symbol and the god’s name. To learn the story about the god’s and his/her symbol.


You will be randomly be assigned ONE of the following gods:

  1. Apollo           dolphin
  2. Apollo           harp
  3. Bacchus        grapes/grapevine
  4. Ceres            cornucopia
  5. Ceres            grain/wheat
  6. Diana            bow and arrow
  7. Diana            crescent moon
  8. Diana            deer
  9. Juno             peacock
  10. Juno             pomegranate
  11. Jupiter         eagle
  12. Jupiter         oak tree/leaf
  13. Jupiter         thunderbolt
  14. Mars             dog
  15. Mercury      caduceus
  16. Mercury      winged cap
  17. Mercury      winged sandals
  18. Minerva       gorgon
  19. Minerva       olive branch
  20. Minerva       owl
  21. Neptune      horse
  22. Neptune      trident
  23. Pluto             bident
  24. Pluto            helmet of invisibility
  25. Venus            dove
  26. Venus            seashell
  27. Vulcan           anvil
  28. Vulcan           fire


For this project, you must create a mosaic of depicting a Roman god’s symbol and the god’s name. You may use almost anything to create your mosaic (tile, stone, beads, cut up pieces of construction paper – NO FOOD/PASTA/MACARONI please!). Once you choose your materials, you must make the whole mosaic out of that material.


  • RESEARCH images of your symbols. Typing the symbol paired with the word mosaic is a good start. (e.g., “dolphin mosaic”)
  • RESEARCH the story behind your assigned symbol and god. Then TYPE UP a “caption” that briefly describes/summarizes the story behind the symbol and the god and that includes your name and section/manus. PLEASE USE
  • CHOOSE and PURCHASE your materials (see list below!) for the mosaic. You might need to cut out your tiles if you are usingBe aware that the smaller the “tile” size, the more detailed your mosaic.
  • CAREFULLY CREATE YOUR MOSAIC – Please do not underestimate how much time and patience this takes to do it well.
  • PASTE/GLUE/TAPE YOUR “CAPTION” to the back of your mosaic.

MATERIALS (you/your parents should expect to purchase most of these)***

  • FOR THE BASE use any of the following: Posterboard, posterboard mounted onto cardboard, or plywood that is 11” x 14”
  • FOR THE “TILES” use any of the following: actual pieces of tile, stone, beads, squares cut from construction paper or from paint samples. You may use just about anything, but no food, please!
    • Once you choose your materials, please stick with it. Your mosaic must be consistent.
    • SIZE must be no larger than ½ inch wide or long.
  • FOR THE ADHESIVE: Glue or paste (glue stick tends to dry over time)
    • If you need something stronger than this, please see me for more information AND be sure to ask your parents for permission.
  • *** If you or your parent are unable to purchase these materials you must let me know AS SOON AS POSSIBLE and IN WRITING (i.e., note from your parent). Waiting 1-3 days before the assignment is due is NOT soon enough.

DEADLINE: At the beginning of class on Wednesday, January 22, 2014. The rules established for the derivatives poster project apply here. See below:

On the day the project is due:
– If you are PRESENT in class, but have no project to hand in, you have until the end of the day and the highest grade you can receive is a 65 (that is assuming the project meets ALL the criteria below and would have been a 100 otherwise…)
– If you are TARDY to school, you MUST bring it to my classroom by the end of Period 6 that day or you will receive a zero.
– If you SKIP class the day the project is due, you receive an AUTOMATIC ZERO.
– If you are ABSENT with an EXCUSED absence note written and addressed directly to ME (N.B. this is in addition to the note you bring to your homeroom teacher, you will receive full credit for the project.)
– If you are ABSENT but you present no note to excuse your absence, the highest grade you can receive is a 65.

GRADING CRITERIA (3 points extra if your provide this rubric with your project.)

BASICS (25 pts) Your mosaic must:

Depict the symbol assigned to you 5 pts   Your Name:
Depict the god’s name 5 pts    
Use “tiles” that are no larger the ½ inch wide/long. 5 pts    
Be 11” x 14” 5 pts   Manus:
Include your typed-up caption 5 pts    

AESTHETICS (60 pts) To achieve the highest possible points, the mosaic must:

Be neat and professional-looking (e.g. “tiles” are glued on properly and DO NOT overlap) 15 pts Score out of 100:
Be completed (e.g. “tiles” fill up the entire space, no border) 15 pts
Be colorful (e.g., colors contrast each other and create specific outlines for objects) 15 pts E.C. for Rubric?
Be balanced in terms of layout and color 15 pts

CAPTION (15 pts) To achieve the highest possible points, the caption must:

Include your name and manus 2 pts
Explain the story of your symbol and god briefly in one paragraph (5-7 complex sentences) 3 pts
Be accurate 5 pts
Use correct grammar and spelling. 5 pts

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