{About Latin 2 Honors}

Welcome to Latin 2 Honors for 9th graders and 10th grade BZs!

This course features an accelerated pace and broader coverage of topics covered in Latin 2. It will quickly review previously learned material and intends to improve our ability to read and understand Latin via translation. We will read and think critically about mythological stories in Latin, Gaius Julius Caesar’s De Bello Gallico, and other authors. The class will also discuss Roman politics and Caesar’s role in Roman civilization. Expect translation to play a major role in this course.

For this course, you will need the following: 1) Latin for Americans: Second Book – lent to you by the school 2) Latin for Americans: Second Book Workbook – purchased by you for $5.00 and 3) a 3-ring binder at least 1 1/2 inches thick with 7 dividers.

Content Learned in Latin 02 Honors

Grammar and Syntax: This course will cover the following grammar/syntax material…
•formation and translation of the subjunctive mood – hortatory and jussive; purpose clauses using ut and ne; result clauses using ut and non; indirect question; indirect commands; cum clauses; relative clauses of purpose
•formation, usage, and translation of the gerund and the gerundive – passive periphrastic; ad + accusative gerund(ive) to express purpose; causa or gratia + the genitive gerund(ive) to express purpose

•use of impersonal verbs – licet, decet, libet, oportet, etc.

•use and conjugation of irregular verbs – fero, fio, volo, nolo, malo, eo

•use and conjugation of deponent verbs

•possibly new cases/usages – genitive of the whole; dative (of reference; of purpose; “double dative;” with special verbs; with compound verbs); ablative (of degree of difference, of separation); locative

Reading and Translating Latin: The main textbook provides passages in Latin written by various authors that allow us to improve our ability to translate Latin into grammatically accurate English.

Expanding Vocabulary and Understanding Greek and Latin roots through DO NOWS and worksheets.

Exploring Classical History, Culture, Etc.

Grading Policy Per Term (Each term is worth 18% and the final exam is worth 10%):

65% = quizzes and tests (tests count as two quiz grades; pop/mini quizzes count as half a quiz grade)

20% = term projects and binder (up to four projects assigned throughout the year; for terms with no projects, binder checks will be worth the full 20%; see description for binder below)

8% = homework

7% = classwork/participation/preparedness

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