Welcome to Ms. Mix’s Website!

Final Exam Schedule for Ms. Mix’s Classes

Friday, June 19th

Morning Final Exam (7:29-9:06) – Myth Tradition 1 (Breakfast at the Haley House!)

Afternoon Final Exam (12:00-1:40) – Latin 1B

Monday, June 22nd

Morning Final Exam (7:29-9:06) – NONE

Afternoon Final Exam (12:00-1:40) – Myth Tradition Section 2 (Lunch at the Haley House!)

Tuesday, June 23rd

Morning Final Exam (7:29-9:06) – Latin 2

Afternoon Final Exam (12:00-1:40) – NONE

Wednesday, June 24th

Morning Final Exam (7:29-9:06) – Myth Tradition Section 3 (Breakfast at the Haley House)

Check out the tabs that relate to your class…

Students in my Myth Tradition classes, check out course info here.

Students in my Latin 2 class who have completed the 8th grade, check out course info here.

Students in my Latin 1B class who are entering BLA in the 9th grade, check out course info here.

Remember, we must ALL strive to be…


Respectful — to everything and everyone.

Patient — with others and with yourself.




Present (Physically and Mentally).

Prompt (i.e., On Time).



4 thoughts on “Welcome to Ms. Mix’s Website!

  1. Dear Humbaba,
    I recommend you watch the movie elf, its a great movie for you because its funny. At the same time it might help you come across some new meaning to life when buddy the elf realizes he doesn’t belong in a world that hes in but can still function within his society but goes back to meet his roots.


  2. Dear Orpheus,
    I think you should really watch the movie Elf. II think it would cheer you help. It would show you no matter how difficult life gets you should not let it change you completely. I know you’re going through a lot. Stay up and be easy my friend.

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